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About Us

We do things a bit differently and honour the authenticity of our clients, and that's the way we witness growth and results.

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Our Founder

Elsheia (formerly as PeiShih) is the founder of You Are Authentic. On top of leading the change in her business and community, she serves as a Speaker, MindSet Coach and Behavioural Strategist to empower and facilitate the change in you. She is currently the lead trainer in the organisation, with key focus on leadership and communication skills development.

Elsheia was an innovative brand communication consultant, a multi award winner in the industry, and also successfully ran a mobile marketing company prior to her transition of "ambition" to "meaning" in her career.  She is passionate, truthful and committed to her life path. This is all evident in the quality of services and results that she delivers.

She believes that all of us are perfect and we just need to learn how to unleash our highest potential by developing the right mindset and exhibiting resourceful behaviour consistently in our daily lives.

We are responsible to create a life that we love and it is our job, not someone else's. Our approach is inside-out, it is our inner world which creates our outer world.

Elsheia invites you to embrace your uniqueness and live your authentic life purpose, creating more love and abundance into your life by partnering with our team of professional coaches and mentors.

All of our coaches are certified Master Practitioners in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), professionally trained Life and Business Coaches, Matrix Therapists and Conscious Hypnotherapists. More importantly, we have all gone through the process of seeking clarity, confidence, courage and change in our lives and we are still on our path of pursuing our higher ways of living each day. We are very passionate in what we do and we put your best interests at heart in our services!

Our Story

Life is a journey, we are here to choose what we are creating and take action to bring in more of what we desire into our lives. We are committed to be our best to serve you and we will share our proven tools and knowledge that work for us.

We believe that everyone can live an abundant life with success. We all have our own unique blueprint and authentic purposes to create and enjoy the life that we love. You can be successful by being you, your authentic self without compromising your core values. You have the power to change, design and create your identity and your life.

Our mission is to inspire change, be the change and lead the change to a higher conscious society by holding strong to the values of love, integrity, respect and unity.