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Life is what you give it to

There is a common saying “if you say Yes to life, life will say Yes to you.” I always believe that our outer world is a reflection of our own inner world. Our life is a “feedback” on our own inner state of consciousness, feelings and emotions. I know that life is what we give…

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Do you learn by mistakes?

Everyone can make mistakes once a while in their life and this is just part of life and part of the human experience. We all learn by mistakes. A great leader or an empowered individual will learn from it and move on. Unfortunately, most of the people out there would be trying so hard to…

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If you want more rewards, you need to create more values

I always hear people asking “what is it in it for me? What do I get?…etc”, which are all very fair questions. However, I will always challenge it by questioning “what can you bring to the table?” In life, it’s always give and take. If you are in leadership role or in any organisation or…

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Change Your Behaviour, Change Your Life

We are not our behaviours. We can always change our behaviours! If you want different results in your life, you would need to explore a different set of behaviours, values and rules that would support your journey. If you are not creating the change/results that you would like to see, it’s time to know your…

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Own your own greatness

A friend told me that she’s uncomfortable to promote her workshop amongst her friends as she doesn’t want to be perceived as showing off. Her friends will not be comfortable with her new progress in life. If your friends are not happy about your achievements and progression in life then they are not really your…

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Do you play Victim or Victor in your life?

Do you have ownership in your life, be accountable and take responsibility in what is going on in your life regardless of success or failure? or Do you usually come out with many excuses (but you called it reasons, in fact you believe that they are all very “valid” reasons) and blame others¬†for your circumstances?…

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