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Do you need “permission” to be authentic and successful in your life?

I recently worked with a beautiful lady who was going through a very challenging time in her life, being torn between work, her family and her dream. She was staying in a job that she felt was not very inspiring but brought her financial security. We found out that a deeper driver on a subconscious level was her lack of self worth. And, that job, which is bringing in good stable income to her, has brought her a sense of worthiness. It proves to her and her family that she is contributing to her household income. Whilst she has the best intentions of being a full time mother, she was feeling extreme guilt to quit her job out of a sense of responsibility. All her life, she has been living as a "good girl" (does it sound familiar to some of the ladies out there?).

Sometimes, people do what they do with good logic, however it is always a deeper cause behind. It can be past programming in their subconscious mind or unresolved emotional issues. IT IS ALWAYS A DEEPER DRIVING FORCE UNDERNEATH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS. Of course, your conscious mind will then reason all of your choices you make in your life and your behaviour with "logic". This is stopping you from what you want to achieve in life.

The breakthrough moment for this client was the realisation that she has not given herself permission in her life to do what she loves. We continued working on a few other concerns and she came out from that session being a transformed and empowered woman, with much clarity in her head and the courage to take action. I know she has quit her job this week, and getting really excited to be able to spend more time with her family, while she's also going to create more time and space for herself to explore her creative talents (she has always had a dream to explore her creative passions).  I am so glad that she is on her right track now.

In order to live an authentic life, you will need the clarity of being who you are, the courage to be who you are, the commitment to change to who you really are and lastly, the confidence to simply be who you are. Have you given yourself the permission to do that? Or are you still trying to seek approval from others?

My definition of being authentic is more than just being real, it is about being your true self with integrity and to live your life purpose, share your unique gifts and talents to the world. I believe in doing so, the world will respond to you and will reward you handsomely by bringing in more abundance into your life.

You deserve to live a fulfilling life and give the best version of yourself to the world.

Say Yes to yourself now!

Say Yes to all the opportunities that come your way!

Say Yes to life now! And trust that, whatever you give to life, life will reward you.