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Do you play Victim or Victor in your life?

Do you have ownership in your life, be accountable and take responsibility in what is going on in your life regardless of success or failure?


Do you usually come out with many excuses (but you called it reasons, in fact you believe that they are all very “valid” reasons) and blame others for your circumstances?

I am going to generalise that there are only two types of people in this world – a Victor or a Victim. We call them successful or unsuccessful people. I believe the key difference between the two is the ability to take ownership and responsibility in your life.

Successful people accept responsibility for their failures, they take action, they do whatever it takes with integrity to achieve their goals, they forgive others, they compliment others, they are resourceful as they take responsibility in their life, they set clear goals and plans, they are flexible and embrace change and challenges,  they live with gratitude, fulfillment, love and joy in their daily life.

We have all gone through this chapter in our lives and at times we may not have realised that the victim mentality is still playing out within our subconscious mind. A victim mentality will not help you go far and be successful in life as much as your would like it to be.

There are certainly ways to transform our thinking and our life and to rise up from being a victim to a victor. First, start taking responsibility in your life! Forgive yourself and others from all of your past hurts. You can do this. Take full ownership and responsibility in your life. Reclaim your own power to change and transform your life now:

  1. Take responsibility
  2. Forgive others and yourself
  3. Take action

You can start taking action by working with a professional coach to help you with making all the necessary adjustments in your thoughts, actions and behaviours that will lead you to living your authentic and successful life. Contact us at <> to find out what we can do for you.