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Own your own greatness

A friend told me that she’s uncomfortable to promote her workshop amongst her friends as she doesn’t want to be perceived as showing off. Her friends will not be comfortable with her new progress in life.

If your friends are not happy about your achievements and progression in life then they are not really your friends to start with.

Imagine hanging out with a group of people where everyone is playing small as a way of being nice to each other so that everyone will be comfortable and at the end nobody will grow? You have 2 choices:

#1. Stay safe and never grow together with your group.

#2. Be your authentic self at your full potential. Live and lead by example.  Either your friends will be inspired by you or you will inspire a new group of friends who are more supportive to your new path.

As much as others need to learn how to accept other person’s greatness, you need to first learn how to accept and own your greatness.